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About us


Handmade in the UK

My name is Anne, owner of Joomies bath & body care. Some also call me Joomies. I enjoy making beautiful bath & bodycare products that are gentle, kind & nourishing to the skin and the numerous positive feedback that I receive regularly from those who use my products continue to motivate me to do more and even better, without resting on my oars. I especially believe in continuous improvement and I carry out lots of research and testing of my products before they are released for sale.

Meet the maker

Joomies' products are vegan friendly. Ingredients used are paraben and phthalates free and are carefully sourced. Joomies, though a small business, has a big heart for gentle, kind, skin loving products.

Whilst my journey into what is now Joomies was kickstarted by a personal  health challenge, that left me  asking myself the question "what next", as a mother with experience of raising a child who suffered from severe eczema, I understand the need for and value the importance of using gentle, skin nourishing products made with good ingredients, as such when formulating my product recipes, I am intentional about the ingredients used, be it carrier oils, additives, essential oils or fragrance oils etc. I research into their benefits and side effects, (if any), as well as the effect (if any) of combining one ingredient with another in same product before using them in my products.


It was during the moment of questioning that I began working on Joomies, it was a calling to something beautiful, something therapeutic for me. Project Joomies got me up from sitting and staring at the four walls of only one room in the entire house, reminiscing over the routine of the conventional career life I once led to getting up and looking forward to every new day with excitement to the beautiful products I could be making. I took time to journey across the world to see how different people make them, I was mesmerised by my new found love and the possibilities it provided. Thank God for internet technology, as my journeys were made possible, easy and cheap. I travelled during the day as well as during the night, going from continent to continent whilst in my room, making comparisons. I learnt to know and identify the good, the bad and the ugly and to embrace the beautiful pure. After satisfying my desire for knowledge, I was able to pull together what I needed plus what the law of the land required me to do in order to be able to step out and bring my products to all. I tenaciously added to my recipes passion and continued learning from various quarters.

I work with chartered chemists before my recipes are turned into my beautiful products and I test, test and test with people like you and I and be satisfied before any product carries the Joomies label/stamp.

All Joomies products have the cosmetics products safety reports, known as CPSR and are approved under legislation.

Joomies' mission is to continue to produce bath & body care products that people enjoy using.

All Joomies products are registered on the government's cosmetics products notification portal (CPNP), managed by the Office for product safety & standards (OPSS).

Joomies is a member of the Guild of craft and toiletry makers, a UK organisation that raises awareness around cosmetic standards.

Think Joomies, think all things beautiful.

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