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  • Are your products cosmetics products safety report (CPSR) assessed and approved?
    Yes, you can be confident that the products you buy from us have all been assessed and approved under the Cosmetic Products Regulation EC 1223/2009.
  • What ingredients are used in your soaps?
    Most of our soaps are made using olive, coconut, castor and responsibly sourced palm oils. To some others, we also add shea and cocoa butters and some also have oils like Neem, Sunflower and Sweet almond. We use skin safe colourants and fragrance oils in some while we use essential oils such as Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Lime, Bergamot, Clove, and Peppermint in some others and a blend in some others. For some others of our soaps, we use natural plant powders and clays like nettle leaf powder and kaolin clay to colour them. We have a variety of scents in our soaps as follows - sweet, floral, herby, woody, earthy, citrusy, spicy etc: Zesty - citrusy, sweet Sweet sensation - sweet, fruity Lavender bliss - floral, sweet, herby Aloe cuul - herby Strawberry - fruity Spa - minty, fresh Revive - woodsy Bliss adore - citrusy, sharp, fruity, sweet, floral, herby My lady -rose fragranced, sweet, fresh, fruity Sweet blush - sweet, citrusy, floral, spicy Green fusion - minty, sweet, herby, fresh, citrusy Passion goody - floral, sweet, citrusy, herby Gold rush - sweet, floral, citrusy Ace - smoky, woodsy, sweet, rich, spicy, fruity Sweet kisses - floral, crisp, sweet, , citrusy, spicy Cool dreams - fresh, spicy kiss me tender - rosy, floral
  • What ingredients are used in your bath bombs?
    Our bath bombs come in different varieties and ingredients used are from the following – bicarbonate of soda, citric acid, essential oil, fragrance oil, kaolin clay, cocoa butter, coconut oil, polysorbate 80, skin safe colourants, witch hazel, isopropyl alcohol 99%, Epsom salt, water. We have a variety of bath bombs and each listed below smells as follows: Pink dasher - sweet, fruity Berry Kisses - floral, fruity, sweet Cool dreams - fresh, spicy Ace - smoky, woodsy, sweet, spicy, fruity Passion goody - floral, sweet, citrusy, herby My lady - floral, rosy Gold rush - sweet, floral, citrusy Sweet kisses - crisp, sweet, fresh
  • Are your products vegan friendly?
    Yes, Joomies' products are made with plant ingredients, no animal fat used in any, so they are suitable for Vegans and ingredients used have not been tested on animals.
  • Are your products made with natural ingredients?
    We have a range of natural products, you can easily identify them, as they are those products made with essential oils only and no fragrance oil added. Products scented with fragrance oils cannot be classed as natural because unlike essential oils which are derived from nature, fragrance oils are manufactured. We use a range of fragrances from fruity, sweet, herby, earthy to woody, so there is always something for everyone. Fragrances used in our products are paraben and phthalates free. Among our pure natural soaps are the Sweet blush and the Green fusion. We make some of our products using only essential oils and we also make some using only fragrance oils while some others have a combination of essential and fragrance oils. You are sure to find some that you would like and which suits you.
  • Can I order your product as gift item for you to send directly to someone?
    Yes, we are able to send out your order as gift item but please send use a message when you order.
  • Can I customise the soap or bath bombs?
    We offer customisation within the remit of our CPSR ( cosmetics product safety report- a legal requirement for any cosmetics products to be sold within the EU/UK), this means that we can customise products for you, using only ingredients and our recipes that we have the CPSR approvals for but we can design and shape these however you want, using a variety of moulds but we can not make any special blend of ingredients to make your products.
  • Can you supply your products as event favours?
    Yes, we can and they can be supplied in beautiful organza bags too or beautiful favour boxes, to add a touch of luxury to your event. In addition, we can customise them into selections of shapes, sizes and designs. Some of items that we supply as event favours are soaps, bathbombs, wax melts, candles, oils, body butters, perfume oils, lotions and lip balms. Pls send us a message to discuss your requirements.
  • Do you supply wholesales/custom orders?
    Yes, we do. Please send us a message of your requirements at for further discussion.
  • Do you offer free postage/delivery?
    Yes, we do, for orders of £50 and over in single transaction going to a UK address.
  • What type of fragrance/smells do your products have?
    We have a selection of fragrances, such as herby, sweet, earthy, fruity, woody, spicy. Moreso the fragrances we use are not tested on animals and are approved under EU regulations, so you can be confident that you are buying good and safe products when you buy/use any of Joomies' products.
  • What packaging do your products come in?
    We shrink wrap all our products in biodegradable wrappers in order to keep them hygienically safe until they reach you. We pack orders into cardboard boxes, using tissue or shredded paper to support them where needed, to ensure their safe transportation and delivery to you. We can also wrap items using wax paper, so if you prefer this, do let us know when you order.
  • Are you a UK business?
    Yes, we are a UK local business. All our products are produced and packed in the UK. They are produced in clean and hygienic workspace, dedicated exclusively to the production of our products.
  • How quickly do you ship orders?
    We arrange the packing and shipping of orders as soon as they are received and no longer than within 24 hours, except on weekends or bank holiday.
  • Could I request that my soaps/bath bombs not be shrinkwrapped when sent to me?
    We can ship your soaps wrapped in wax paper but if ordering bath bombs, they will need to be shrink wrapped in order to protect them from humidity.
  • Are you a member of any recognised soap craft association?
    Yes, Joomies is a member of the Guild of craft soap & toiletry makers which is an organisation that raises awareness around standards set by government for cosmetic product safety. Membership to the organisation is only given to those who are considered to have met the set standards,
  • Eco friendly packaging?
    Many of our products such as sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, whipped soaps, oils and lotions are packaged into reusable and recyclable jars and we offer refills into those jars at discounted prices as part of encouraging our customers to reuse them. We also wrap our soaps and bathbombs in biodegrable shrinkwraps, which not only makes their design visible and protects them from germs and handling but also helps the environment. We continue to seek ways to improve on what we do.
  • Do you ship your products outside the UK?
    We currently only ship to addresses within the UK but if you need your items to be shipped outside of the UK, please speak to us before placing your order and we will calculate the total costs (including delivery charges) for you.
  • Why is your ingredient list on your website written the way they are?
    We are required by law to write/list ingredients in our products using what is called the INCI names ( International nomenclature of cosmetics ingredients), this is to ensure standardisation and universal understanding of ingredients used in products. It is considered that by so doing, there will be no confusion as to what ingredient is in what product. Whilst we use the INCI way, we also try to provide on our products labels the commonly known names of ingredients used where possible by putting them in brackets eg Theobroma cacao (cocoa butter). We only do this where the available space on the label allows us. Please feel free to ask us about the commonly "known by" names of ingredients in our products.
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