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It's the season of love

Valentine day will soon be here and whilst we are still recovering from the hustle and bustle of Christmas just gone, the undercurrents of the love season is gently brewing and tugging. For each of us,, the valentine season probably evoke different feelings and responses. For me, seeing the beautiful theme colour of red is fascinating, I love the red roses, the beautifully wrapped chocolates, the dining beautifully laid out tables for romantic dining and above all the various gifts wrapped for one's loved ones with valentine/love theme. It is the season of love and indulgence.

Whilst I get bawled over by the atmosphere, importantly for me however, I find any excuse to indulge and pamper my body any day, any time and whether or not there is an important event or occasion. The thrill of soaking myself in a warm bath, filled with beautiful smelling bath goodies is very satisfying, watching carelessly as beautiful bath treasures like aromatic bathbombs burst into the water, releasing nourishing ingredients for my skin, such as leave my skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. I enjoy the aroma of beautiful bath teas, infused with divine smelling scents and decorated with botanicals like rose petals and calendula that float, giving me a sense of lazing out in the open,under the sky, soaking in nature. I love the feeling of ultimate indulgence, which comes after some gentle exfoliation of my body with sugar or bath salts that leaves my skin glowing and silky smooth.

For a quick shower, I love to saturate my shower environment with beautiful aromatic scents that I get from shower steamers, whether from the lavender scented, the eucalyptus & lemongrass, peppermint or any other. These give me the sense of being at a spa, soaking in all the goodness that a well deserved retreat gives.

Whilst I am romantic at heart, and enjoy the season of romance but give me any day, any time and I warmly embrace good pampering and indulgence, I will never say no to a "my body deserves some pampering time" and the valentine period makes it all the more necessary and is a kind reminder to get into routine. Let's bring it on!

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